Tool to manage your business online

TWIZ is an easy to use a day-to-day business operating tool. It is precisely for small scale businesses, which fairly pave a road for you to make your business aerodynamic in terms of operations and transactions.

An all-in-one tool to   launch your startup

TWIZ is a business guide in itself. It will take you step-by-step through the proper channel, and will timely organize, and carry multiple tasks for you at the same time. fuel growth...

Generate and Manage Invoices

  • Online or on-site credit cards processing.
  • Send Invoices Through Email and SMS
  • Know when a customer views your invoice
  • Multiple Invoice Templates to select from
  • Track invoice payments using Twiz

Project Management

  • Project Management tool allows you to plan, prepare and control the project.
  • It helps you to review reports, budget control and Seamless completion of project
  • The correct goals are set and preserved. The development can be tracked appropriately
  • Project Management helps you to keep track of deadlines and effectively manage your resources.

Creates Quotes and estimates

  • Twiz helps you to evaluate the scope of the project and prepare the estimate
  • Twiz will analyze the project scope and help you to give accurate esitmate based on client requirements
  • Wide range of Pre Build Templates make your job easy to prepare quotations for a particular project
  • Measure project impact & ROI for any project
  • Powerful account insights to control financial risk

Twiz will help you to manage your business online. We use decentralized approach to store and manage data securely

Invoice tracking and management is easy with twiz. With few clicks you can send invoice and track the payments.

Twiz Dashboard provides an overview of companies growth and sales. It helps you to take strategic business decisions

This tool can be used freely, and our users can run their business via our web browser and through our mobile applications. It dramatically helps companies to grow and organise their activities.
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